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In memoriam: Hubert Henrotte (1934-2020)

Hubert Henrotte e © Micha Henrotte
Hubert Henrotte © Micha Henrotte

Hubert Henrotte, founder of Gamma and Sygma is dead. The last great actor of the golden age of French photojournalism passed away this Friday, November 20, 2020 at around 3:30 a.m., at the Georges Pompidou Hospital, in Paris, at the age of 86. An intimate religious ceremony will take place and Jean-François Leroy will organize a professional tribute as soon as possible.

In L’oeil de la Photographie du 23 novembre 2020


Jean-Pierre Pappis / Polaris : “the greatest story of our century”

Jean-Pierre Pappis de Polaris et Jeff Pekala de l’agence Starface ©Geneviève Delalot

The situation of photographers and agencies was already catastrophic, this current crisis has just made it worse. The acceleration of history is mind-blowing.The transformation of photography has barely s  tarted. Today’s edition is devoted to the interviews that Michel Puech carried out with 7 agency directors.Jean-Jacques Naudet / L’oeil de la photographie

Mete Zihnioglu / Sipa : “Facing as it has been for 50 years”

Mete Zhinoglu de Sipa Press a Visa pour l’image – (c) Geneviève Delalot

The Sipa Press news agency, named after its founder Göksin Sipahioglu, was created in 1973 in Paris. It is one of the “Three enemy sisters” (Gamma-Sipa-Sygma). The agency distributes the production of the Associated Press in France. Despite this, it has known many financial problems since the 2008 crisis, adventures with the late German agency DAPD before finding a stable group of associates. But its financial situation, like that of other agencies is precarious. (Suite)

Thomas Pey / AKG: “We are seeing a 25% drop in downloads”

Thoma Pey, directeur d’AKG-Images (c) Adine Sagalyn

Founded more than half a century ago in Germany, the agency AKG Images (Archiv für Kunst und Geschichte: Archive for Art and History) is established in three European capitals, Berlin, London and Paris. The Paris office is headed by Thomas Pey. The last turnover published was € 1,190,368 with a positive result of € 2,722 and eight employees. (Source:


Jean-Michel Psaïla / Abaca, sick : “Fuck the virus!”

After this email, in a telephone conversation, Jean-Michel Psaïla specifies that it has been a week since he contracted the virus as well as his wife. “It’s okay, for the moment no medical complications,” he specifies. He is worried about his photographers and refuses to give them working missions: “It is a huge responsibility, and then, once we have done, hospitals, masked people, and morgues, there there is nothing left to photograph, everything has stopped! “He concludes. (Suite)

Guillaume Binet, Stéphane Lagoutte / MYOP: “… this is a world upside down for a long time from which we suffer. “

M.Y.O.P. are the initials from a poem by Paul Eluard: “My eyes patient object / were forever open / on the expanse of the seas / where I got lost”. Since the beginning of the XXIth century Myop has continued, through a thousand vicissitudes, to expand its team which today makes up one of the most prestigious “team” with Ed Alcock, Guillaume Binet, Julien Daniel, Agnès Dherbeys, Marie Dorigny, Julie Hascoët , Pierre Hybre, Olivier Jobard, Alain Keler, France Keyser, Oan Kim, Olivier Laban-Mattei, Stéphane Lagoutte, Jean Larive, Ulrich Lebeuf, Pascal Maitre, Olivier Monge, Julien Pebrel, Jérémy Saint-Peyre, etc. (Suite)