Al-Shabab militants were attacking Westgate Shopping Mall. I was based in ­Nairobi at that time, having moved from Cairo in 2012. We were not prepared for this. When you go to Syria or somewhere else you know what you’re going to see. But this was a shopping mall which I was visiting. My daughter was supposed to have a coffee there with her auntie, but decided against it at the last moment. Someone called me to tell me that there was a shoot-out around Westgate. I thought it was a bank robbery, so I grabbed my cameras and went to check what was happening. As I got there, I saw dead bodies and police hiding, and a lot of cars with bullet holes. I understood that something was wrong and went to the first floor of the parking lot, where a cooking event for children took place. Dead bodies everywhere. Apparently, the Al-Shabab had thrown a hand grenade at them. Then I joined another group of plain-clothed police and armed civilians who went inside, trying to protect other survivors and carrying them outside. They did very well. They were really brave people. More than 70 people were killed.
Les militants terroristes d’Al-Shabab ont attaqué le centre commercial Westgate Shopping Mall. J’étais basé à Nairobi après avoir déménagé du Caire en 2012. Nous n’étions pas préparés à cela. Quand vous être Syrie, vous savez à quoi vous attendre. Mais c’était un centre commercial où je me rendais souvent. Ma fille devait y prendre un café avec sa tante ce jour-là. Finalement, elle n’y est pas allée. Quelqu’un m’a appelé pour m’informer qu’il y avait une fusillade autour de Westgate. J’ai pris mes appareils photo et je suis allé vérifier ce qui se passait. Suite à une opération du genou, j’avais des difficultés à courir ou à m’agenouiller. Je suis allé au premier étage où il y avait une « foire à la cuisine » avec des enfants. Des cadavres gisaient partout. Les Al-Shabab avaient lancé des grenades à main sur eux. J’ai a