James Nachtwey hurt in Bangkok

Dernière révision le 3 février 2014 à 13:51 par Michel Puech

Copyright Olivier Rotrou
James Natchtwey © Olivier Rotrou

logo_loeildelaphotographieOn Saturday, February 1, it was a little after 3:00 in the afternoon—10:00 at night in Bangkok—when the telephone rang. “Nachtwey’s been hit.” At the other end of the line, the photographers Olivier Rotrou and Chris Mouchet explained that there had been a shooting in the Lak Si district in northern Bangkok on the eve of the elections this Sunday.

Six people were hit, including James Nachtwey, and taken the the Erawan Medical Center. Shortly thereafter the news appeared in the Bangkok Post. In a few hours the news had spread to major news sites, causing a stir in the photo world.

At 9:00 at night Paris time, Olivier Rotrou forwarded me a text message sent by Nachtwey: “Got a little wild out there today. Lots of bullets flying. I caught one but it passed through without hitting bone and i am walking ok and continue to work. Very very lucky.”

Everything turned out alright, as seen in these photos by Rotrou and Chris Mouchet showing Nachtwey back out shooting on Sunday, February 2. Rotrou himself had been hit by a stun grenade, and Mouchet caught a bullet in the leg last December in Bangkok.