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[CP] François Lochon announces a book on the Gamma agency

In a letter to photographers who work or have collaborated to news agency Gamma, François Lochon, owner of Gamma-Rapho press agency announced the completion of a photography book and appeals to contributors. Warning deadline: February 28, 2014.

Hi Everyone,

Gamma will soon be celebrating its half-century of existence……

You are 7500 photographers who have participated in this exceptional adventure, unique, great and though often copied, never equaled in the history of our profession.  

For the collective memory and for generations of future journalists, it is important to put together the best of these years in a special book.

The layout has not yet been definitively determined, but the format will likely be 36cm x 36cm (14.17 inches) with 456  pages.

Additional volumes will no doubt be needed given the impressive number of photographers who are already willing to participate in the project.

The agency is working to gather all the important photographs for an outside firm to produce and print this prestigious edition using the best printing house, the highest quality paper, designed by one of the leading art directors–Benoit Nacci, a master of the art, and a veteran of the De la Martiniere publishing group who was instrumental in producing the legendary works of the Michauds, Arthus Bertrand and Eric Valli, among others.

In principle, the books  will be a collection of photographers’ portfolios with a maximum of 10 images, and those that have become a part of the general consciousness due to their extensive publication.

The photographers  will be invited to write their stories, anecdotes and feelings concerning their pictures and the circumstances when they were made. The text will include a short biography of the photographers including their books, exhibitions, etc.
Please feel free to include pictures of yourselves in the field or related to the agency as there will be special chapter on the history and nostalgia of the agency.

More than hundred amoung you (including  Abbas, Raymond Depardon, Gilles Caron, Sebastio Salgado, Jean-Claude Francolon, Alain Nogues, Michel Laurent, David Burnett, Jean-Pierre Laffont,) have agreed to participate in the project.

The agency will finance the first printing of this work and will look to expand further commercial distribution possibilities, with each contributor of course participating in any proportional profits according to their copyright.

In addition, a very extensive exhibition will of course be coordinated with the publication of this anniversary work.

Gamma has experienced both the best of times, and the worst of times, years of harmony and those with endless conflict. It’s important to consider all those negative moments as the past and put them behind us, just as in life in general.

The images on the light table will be the only judge of our common life together. Together we can contribute to the best possible result with the continued creative passion that has made the Gamma experience so remarkable over the decades.

Gamma is you and would never have existed without your contributions. We look forward to having you participate in celebrating our 50 years with your pictures once again being part of this enduring adventure.

We are as always available for whatever questions or comments you might have.  

François Lochon

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