Gamma/Sygma: Monique Kouznetzoff, The Muse

Dernière révision le 4 janvier 2024 à 19:13 par Michel Puech

“to have enemies on should be worthy of it,” said Roger Thérond, according to Hubert Henrotte. “Monique,” as almost everyone called her, has a few among the photographers at Gamma and Sygma, but none among the celebrities she has had photographed for more than 40 years.

She hired the biggest names: Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Guy Bourdin, Jean-Loup Sieff, Dominique Issermann, Bettina Rheims and others. The list goes on.

She still spends the occasional Sunday at Paris Match putting the finishing touches on an issue. “Monique” is the queen of this business. She spoke with us about the how she started out, and her continuing admiration for HH, her companion.

Michel Puech

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