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[CP] Germany: Associated Press left DAPD for DPA

Mis à jour le 5 décembre 2012 par Michel PuechNEW YORK (AP) — The Associated Press and Germany’s largest news agency, dpa, have signed a deal to sell each other’s news stories and photos in several countries and territories in Europe and around the world.

The announcement Wednesday came as AP said it was ending its licensing and distribution agreement with its previous German partner agency, dapd.

Under the deal, dpa will distribute AP photos and stories in Germany and Austria, and stories in Switzerland, an AP statement said.
Meanwhile, New York-based AP will extend its existing coverage of Germany and Austria using dpa’s extensive text and photo coverage. AP also will represent Dpa’s photo material for sale in markets outside Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

“This new agreement with dpa assures that AP’s content will continue to reach the many customers and news consumers who value it, and that we also receive timely and important content from dpa to distribute,” said Gary Pruitt, president and CEO of AP.

Michael Segbers, president and CEO of dpa, said that “it has always been important to us to provide as many news sources for the media as possible. This is why we are very much looking forward to the cooperation with our American partners.”

The agreement “ensures that international AP content will be available in Germany and other European countries on a long- term basis,” Segbers said.

The deal goes into effect Jan. 1.

At the same time, AP announced in a separate statement that it was ending its cooperation agreement with dapd. Parts of dapd filed for insolvency court protection last month.

AP spokesman Paul Colford said in a statement that the news cooperative had terminated its license and distribution agreement with dapd for text and photos in Germany “due to the financial issues facing some of the German companies within the dapd group.”

Investors established dapd after buying the German language service of The Associated Press in late 2009 and merging it with the news agency ddp to form Germany’s second-largest news agency.

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