David Sauveur, a sad end to vacation

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Agence Vu photographer David Sauveur was the victim of a violent aggression on August 3 near 2 am while on vacation in the small French port of Collioures near the Spanish border. He remains in a coma.

Like most tourists on vacation, David was walking along the charming streets of this picturesque port city with his camera over his shoulder. According to Fabrice Thomas and Jean-Marc Sibille, journalists from the local weekly Le petit journal who spoke to witnesses, Sauveur suffered blows to the head by an intoxicated and homeless man with a hefty criminal record. He was hit several times with what appeared to be either a bat or a billy club before the criminal ran off with his camera. Shortly thereafter, while the fireman were on the scene, the criminal returned with two other men. They once again hit Sauveur. He was hospitalized and the aggressors were incarcerated. An inquisition is under way, the motive remains unclear.

David Sauveur was vacationing in Collioure upon returning from an assignment in Libya for the Agence Vu. This Paris based photographer was born in 1974 in Dinard, Brittany. He was the recipient of several awards, including the “Attention Talent” FNAC prize in 2000, the “Biarritz Terre d’Images” prize in 2001, the Masterclass World Press Photo in 2004 and the International Scoop and Journalism Grand Prize of Angers in 2006. Jean-François Leroy, director of the “Visa pour l’Image” festival in Perpignan who projected his work several times, deplored the “atrocity and horror of this crime”.

Michel Puech

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