Rencontre avec Andres Kudacki d’Associated Press

Pablo Henrique Meliton, left, his father, right, and a friend, centre, carry Pablo's belongings after him and his family got evicted by the police in Madrid, Spain, Wednesday, Feb. 11, 2015. Pablo Henrique Meliton, 39 years old, his wife Damaris Varela Rivera, 36 yeas old , and their daughter Diana Sofia Meliton, 2 years old, lived in an occupied Bankia bank apartment for a year, as they couldn't afford to pay rent . They now have an income of euro 790 ($893) per month and they have tried to negotiate a lower rent but the Bankia bank demanded their eviction. Housing rights activists tried to stop the process but the police evicted the family. (AP Photo/Andres Kudacki)
Madrid, Espagne, mercredi 11 févier 2015. Expulsion de Pablo Henrique Meliton et de sa famille. © Andres Kudacki / AP

A Visa pour l’image, Andres Kudacki d’Associated Press  a reçu le Prix ANI-PixPalace. Nous l’avons rencontré pour WGR, la radio des grands-reporters et des écrivains voyageurs.

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