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[PHOTO] Les parents de James Foley, la mère de Camille Lepage au Mémorial des reporters de Bayeux

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Memorial des reporters à  Bayeux © Geneviève Delalot
Mémorial des reporters à Bayeux, les mains des parents de James Foley pendant la prise de parole du père. © Geneviève Delalot

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Duel for the Mayor of Paris by Scout Tufankjian

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logo_loeildelaphotographieXavier Lucas, photo director of the magazine of the French daily Le Parisien, asked Scout Tufankjian, who took the most “liked” of Michelle and Barack Obama, to cast an “American eye” on the duel between two women for the mayor of Paris. Le Parisien Magazine gave L’Oeil de la Photographie an exclusive look.

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Ukraine: The Battle of Kiev by Eric Bouvet

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Kiev, Ukraina. 20/02/2014Riots on Maidan square. Civilians killed by the police with Kalashnikov. More than 25 dead this morning.
© Eric Bouvet

logo_loeildelaphotographieOn February 20th, 2014,  Ukraine suffered the bloodiest day since unrest began in Kiev. Authorities reported that 77 people had been killed, while the local media put the number near 100. Photojournalist Eric Bouvet came under fire and made a series of remarkable photos.

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James Nachtwey hurt in Bangkok

Copyright Olivier Rotrou
James Natchtwey © Olivier Rotrou

logo_loeildelaphotographieOn Saturday, February 1, it was a little after 3:00 in the afternoon—10:00 at night in Bangkok—when the telephone rang. “Nachtwey’s been hit.” At the other end of the line, the photographers Olivier Rotrou and Chris Mouchet explained that there had been a shooting in the Lak Si district in northern Bangkok on the eve of the elections this Sunday.

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Exhibition: Gilles Caron, The Inner Conflict

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Marianne Caron, veuve de Gilles Caron ©  Geneviève Delalot
Marianne Caron, veuve de Gilles Caron © Geneviève Delalot

logo_loeildelaphotographieThrough May 18, 2014, the Musée de la Photographie de Charleroi in Belgium will exhibit 150 photographs by Gilles Caron (1939-1970), the star photographer of the Gamma news agency. Lire la suite