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Sylvain Julienne (1947-2019) : “Photography was like a flying carpet”

He was born on July 6, 1947 rue Dulong in Evreux, he died on December 18, 2019 in Evreux. “I must have made big messes in my previous lives. Because to end your life in the house where you were born, when you have toured the planet 20 or 30 times, you must have been messed up. The punishment is heavy ”confided Sylvain Julienne to La Dépêche, the local newspaper three months before his death.

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Jean-Pierre Laffont, Hugues Vassal : Stars from Paris to New York

They tell us about a time that people under twenty do not know. Stars and celebrities whose names have raised – and sometimes still raise – the crowds. Two photographers who grew up in the cradle of the Gamma agency revisited their archives. Nostalgia for older people, curiosity for young people: two lessons of photojournalism.

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[PHOTO] Les parents de James Foley, la mère de Camille Lepage au Mémorial des reporters de Bayeux

Memorial des reporters à  Bayeux © Geneviève Delalot
Mémorial des reporters à Bayeux, les mains des parents de James Foley pendant la prise de parole du père. © Geneviève Delalot

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